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Advanced Fuel System Cleaner

Advanced Fuel System Cleaner - 300ml

Suitable for use with Petrol, Diesel and Bio-Fuels, Advanced Fuel System Cleaner will clean the entire fuel system, removing carbon and other deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and other fuel system components and will help protect against fuel contamination.

It will also absorb moisture within the fuel tank, preventing the growth of bacterial contamination that is prevalent when using Bio-Fuels. It will break down sludge and other contaminants thus preventing fuel blockage. Regular use of Advanced Fuel System Cleaner will improve performance and fuel economy as well as reducing harmful exhaust.

DPF Cleaner

DPF Cleaner - 250ml

Motor Detox DPF Cleaner has been especially formulated to prevent a DPF from becoming blocked by reducing the temperature at which soot particles are burned off, thereby restoring and maintaining engine efficiency even during urban driving cycles.

Air Con Treatment

Anti Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatment - 95ml

Destroys harmful bacteria, mould and fungi from a vehicle cabin and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Simple application that takes just a few minutes. Independent laboratory tested – EN1276 certified.

5 fragrances available: Apple, Lemon, Blueberry, Rush, Fragrance Free

Can also be used to cleanse heating and ventilation systems for vehicles without air conditioning. Prevents the on-set of “sick-car syndrome.”

Engine Flush

Engine Flush - 300ml

Using special mild additives our Engine Flush will clean and lubricate the engine at the same time, helping to remove sludge, metal flakes, dirt and other engine contaminants. It will efficiently clean and provide protection for the entire internal engine in around 10 minutes, cleaning and realising piston rings, valves and hydraulic lifters, stabilising cylinder compression as well as helping neutralise crank case acids. Using Engine Flush ensures new clean oil goes into a clean engine after an oil change. Recommend an oil filter change at the same time.