This was the original way to remap a vehicle prior to vehicles having an OBD port. The ECU would be removed from the vehicle and opened to access the circuit board where the work is carried out on the bench manually and then replaced in the vehicle. Chip tuning is being used less now since 1996 when OBD remapping took its place.

What benefits can be made through remapping?

increased torque and power

output from the engine power delivery will make it much easier and smoother to carry out overtaking manoeuvres

reduce emissions

better MPG will also reduce your carbon footprint

reduce fuel consumption

during normal driving it can be noticed that the MPG is much better, this allowing you to save money by not refuelling as often

modify speed limiters

that will allow you to get the maximum speed out of your Car

Honda Accord 2.2 I Dtec

This car is a ecu removal to tune variant so we used our genuine Ktag equipment and bench tuned this to customer requirements. We applied a custom stage1 software tune and combined it with our dpf solution this car now performs better than ever.